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   Mar 11

Monthly Meeting


Monthly Meeting Notes

March 8th, 2015  Program with Cathy Phlllips, Collin County Master Gardener

Growing Herbs In The Garden

Cathy Phillips, Speakerthe-garden-show-banner-new-920
Cathy Phillips, Master Gardener

February 8, 2015 – June Hand, Purple Ranch  (Lavender) Presentation:    Such beautiful smells filled the meeting hall with the presentation from June and her daughter.    We all over indulged in lavender essence that day.



January 11, 2015 – Annual Herb Fair:   In keeping with what has become our January tradition, it’s time for our third annual Herb Fair.  We have a wealth of herbal wisdom within our club, and this is an opportunity for members to showcase their skills and knowledge.  Past topics have included herbal recipes, crafts, potions, gardening, preservation, books and more.


December 2014 Meeting:   December’s Two-Trees Holiday Party brought out a full house of members ready to party and renew friendships. One tree is the White Elephant Tree, where you get to steal your neighbor’s gifts. The other one was to entertain members by revealing your poor taste in purchasing or, in my case, to regift and pass on someone else’s poor taste. The food was delicious, as always. Everyone had a great time. I hope you were there!

November  2014 Meeting:   Herbal Crafts  (Lead by Joy Liljedahl, HSA member) Joy Liljedahl is well known on the herb scene. She first became acquainted with herbs as a child, when her mother began using dried herbs to reduce the family’s fat consumption. After college, Joy began growing live plants and herbs in a windowbox – and so the love affair began! She now grows herbs mainly for culinary and craft purposes. She shares her extensive herbal knowledge with friends, family, and even her pre-school Sunday School classes.    A member of the National Herb Society and past chairman of the North Texas Unit, Joy is a fascinating speaker with much herbal wisdom to share.


October 12, 2014 @ 2:30 pm:    “Preserving the Herbal Harvest: Pickling and Vinegars” with Pat Abramson.   In addition to bringing lots of samples of food and craft ideas she creates from her fall garden harvest, Pat will be guiding us as we each make herbal vinegar to take home and enjoy.  The Club will be providing the bottles, white vinegar, and pretty material to decorate bottle tops.  For more than one bottle of vinegar to take home, feel free to bring additional bottles and additional vinegar for yourself, or your other favorite vinegar types – though the clear vinegar allows you to better appreciate your culinary “work of art.”


“Beat the Heat” Herbal Workshop:   (Possible repeat) for $35.00 per person with 4 take home items.  Get with Kim Wright if you want to sign up.


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September 14, 2014:   Beekeeping in Texas


Herb enthusiasts and gardeners share a growing concern for the health of our bee populations.  For our September program, Tabitha Mansker, will share her knowledge of beekeeping in Texas, and what herb growers can do to help our local bees.  As the 2014 Collin County Honey Queen, Tabitha acts as a spokesperson for the local honey and beekeeping industry.  She lives on a small farm with her family in Nevada, Texas, where she works in her family’s beekeeping business. 

Join us on Sunday, Sept. 14 for this special program!


September Meeting will host Tabitha Mansker, Beekeeping in Texas

September Meeting will host Tabitha Mansker, Beekeeping in Texas

2014 Collin County Honey Queen Tabitha Mansker

August 10, 2014  Essential Oils

Join us Sunday, Aug. 10, for Deb Manning’s program on essential oils for natural home and health care. Deb Manning is a purveyor of essential oils, bath and body products and supplies for making candles and soap. Deb also teaches soap making classes. In addition to her shop in Sachse, Texas, you may also visit her shop online at   Deb will share her knowledge about herbal essential oils for use in home health and body care, as well as soap-making. Deb will have her essential oil kits available for sale, as well as natural mosquito repellant, her special rescue oils, and another signature creation – gardener’s soap – just in time for summer!

July 13, 2014 @ 2:30 pm, Special Workshop on Herbalism and Inflammation by Marie Totten  



Chronic inflammation is the root of so many of the ailments that plague us as we age – arthritis, skin problems, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Did you know that you can reduce – even reverse – conditions caused by inflammation? For our July program, Marie Totten will present a special workshop on how to address inflammation using herbs!

 Marie Totten is our own Program Chair, as well as an educational software trainer by day. She will use her experience as a training facilitator and her passion for herbalism to provide a fun and informative program. Join us July 13 to learn how to use mushrooms, turmeric, oregano and ginger, to name a few, to improve overall health, boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Marie will share her own story about how she was impacted by inflammation and demonstrate delicious, inexpensive ways to use herbs at home to improve your health.

Natural-Remedies-For-ArthritisStay tuned for announcements on our upcoming club calendar. We’ll see programs on herbs and bees, herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American herbalism, and much more!

June Meeting

Plano Heritage Herb Club will enjoy an ice cream social with the new board members, come join us install the 2014 officers:


2014-2015 HHC Officers

  • Kim Wright, President

  • Marie Totten, 1st VP & Program Chair

  • Elaine Taylor, 2nd VP

  • Elaine Brandt, Secretary

  • John Azevedo, Treasurer

  • Marita Strange, Parliamentarian

  • Nancy Seaberg, Newsletter

  • Victoria Taylor, WebMaster


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February Speaker

Joy Lilljedahl, author of Aphrodisiac Herbs, member of Herb Society of America, is the speaker of the February meeting. She will talk about her vast herbal experiences. How mankind has pursued the dream of a better sexual experience since antiquity.  Throughout history. over 1,000 plants have been labeled as aphrodisiacs.  Learn about some of those plants and the likelihood that they will improve your sexual health. Some of the herbs relax you, improve your mood, enhance your immune system. Delicious food, drink, and fellowship follow the monthly meeting.